Tuesday, 30 October 2012

London Metropolitan Police confirms arrest of Governor Ajimobi’s wife

London Metropolitan Police has confirmed the arrest of Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, wife of Oyo state Governor, over money laundering.

The Met confirmation came this afternoon following an enquiry by P.M.NEWS on the story making the rounds that Mrs. Ajimobi was arrested in London, with the sum of 400,000 pounds and thousands of US dollars, valued at N500million.
The Met simply said ‘Yes’ to our question, seeking confirmation about the arrest.
However, the organization declined to give further information about the matter, citing a UK law.
“I am sorry, we are unable to disclose any information to you under the Data Protection Act,” an officer in the MET Lambeth Office responded.
There was anxiety in the government circles of Nigeria’s Oyo State this morning over the arrest of Mrs. Ajimob


  1. Demola, I would like to hear from you personally to confirm her arrest please. I am very much interested in this breaking News. I also heard Governor Ajomobi has sued PM News for 1BN for slandering and publishing fabricated story about his wife. I believed with all my heart there are some truth to the arrest but you just never can tell what the outcome is like. Let me reserve my comment until you hollah back at my request. Thanks!

  2. Halooo Lekbell...I have posted a rejoinder to the story this morning,read for yourself and judge!have a great day

  3. Demola, thanks for your prompt response. Appreciate it! Let's just wait patiently for the event to unfolds itself. Have a good day...... Demola, what is your area of legal specialization? You are too much my guy! God bless you!

  4. hahahahaha oga lekbell...tnx oooo,i dey blush sef...as per the legal aspect,i do soliciting,litigation and i deal in properties too(sales,lease,mortgage,etc)...you have a great day!

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