Tuesday, 30 October 2012

'We went from disaster to pride'(Even Man U or "Chelski")Couldnt Have Come Back From 4 Goals Down!!!

I remember watching this match last night....but by half time,the scoreline was Reading 4-Arsenal 1...I was feeling real tired and it was getting late,so I decided to head home mainly because I thought
we had alredy lost the game...but voila!!!! I woke up this morning to discover that we won the game by 5 goals to 7!!!Wow...that was a spectacular Arsenal display i must say,I doubt if Chelski or Man U could have made a comeback form 4 goals down!!!!hehehehehehehehe...anyways,this is what Arsene Wenger had to say about the match....

on the game…We went from disaster to, I must say at least at some stage, pride - because we at least came back in the second half with a decent performance. We had just hope, but it didn’t look like we would go through. At least in the second half, we got our disastrous first half out of the system. Then, once it was 4-4, I think it looked like we would be the winner of the game. Reading had given a lot, and [were] mentally of course down, and in extra time the maximum they could have got was a penalty shoot out. We looked quite comfortable in the second half. They [Reading] had a fantastic first half. I know what it is to be pulled back when you’re 4-0 up. It happened to me as well. They should take credit from that performance and not be too disappointed.

on if he thought the comeback was possible at 4-0 down…
Yes. At 4-1, I thought yes. In the second half we played 4-2-4, basically 4-1-5 because Eisfeld is an offensive midfielder. We created many chances and from then on, I always had hope we could come back. We had some free-kicks around the box [but] we couldn’t score. With 15 minutes to go, I thought that’s the moment to score the 4-3. We didn’t. Seven minutes to go, we had a great chance [to score]. We didn’t [take it] so I thought it will be short now. It’s strange to explain. At 4-0, you think you have won the game. At 4-1 you still think you have won the game. At 4-2, you suddenly realise that it’s not over - and then the panic kicks in and no matter how good a player you are, that goes through the team.

on how he felt when Reading went 4-0 up…
I didn’t feel great. I just thought ‘what can I do about that?’ I started to think about my half-time speech. It was not difficult to find an inspiration at half time, because there was enough there to talk about. Overall, I just felt sorry for our fans because at 2-0, they stayed behind the team. At 3-0, they stayed behind the team. At 4-0, they stayed behind the team. I would like to give them credit tonight.

on some fans leaving at 4-0…Yes. I give them less credit. The big part of the fans stayed behind the team and I’m happy we paid them back in the second half.

on what he told the team at half time…
That is dressing room talk. Anyway it was difficult to be worse in the second half than in the first.

on if this is one of his greatest victories…
Maybe, yes. I don’t know. It is not one of our priorities but had we gone out - the way we could have gone out in the first half - that would not have been one of my proudest moments at the Club. I’m very happy that we responded the way we did in the second

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