Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I was listening to 97.3 Fm some weeks ago in the wake of the Aluu Killings...and the On Air Personalites(OAPs)were discussing what was trending on twitter for that particular day.The OAPs were talking about the killing of the "Aluu 4" and Kachi Nnochiri(hope i got that spelling right)made a comment about the girl that was raped in Abia State University last year.He asked his colleagues what had been done about her case and they all chorused..."nothing"!!!...and I said to myself,"if only he(Kachi)knew that I still spoke with the girl(victim of the rape incident) that particular day!

Let me remind you my dear readers briefly about the rape incident I am talking about.Sometime last year,a video got viral on the internet,it was a video of a Nigerian Igbo girl being raped helplessly by five men.The title of the video was "University Of Abia State Student Gang-Raped".In that video,five men were seen to be taking turns at raping a helpless young girl while she begged for them to stop or they should kill her instead.Ofcourse all the 5 men took turns at having forceful sex with her,they even had the guts to record the dastardly act,and post on the internet!!!!What a cruel world...

If I remember well,the VC of Abia State University or a spokesperson of the school made a statement that the incident never took place in the University.The students also protested that it never happened in their school.There were also doubts hanging over the identity of the culprits,and even the victim....and then,nothing was heard about the matter again!!!

I remember the first time i heard about the video,someone sent it to my phone and i saved it.When i got home,I played the video and as a man,i felt really really bad.I watched as 5 men(or rather,ANIMALS) took advantage of a young girl and had unlawful carnal knowledge of her,while she pleaded in innocence...and some few months after the incident,everything became silent about the matter but the video is still very much on the internet.

I never knew in my wildest dreams that someday,I would have the opportunity to speak with the victim,and also persuade her to let Nigerians know the truth about the incident and what is happening to her right now.
I actually got talking to her through her friend whom I have known for sometime,but never knew the connection between her and the victim.It was during one of our discussions that i got to know about their connection.I persuaded her to connect me to the victim and after a long time,she reluctantly agreed,that was just round one.

Talking to the victim was not easy at all.First of all she didnt know who I was(she is presently in the Eastern part of the country)while I am in Lagos.She didnt even feel it appropriate to talk to a total stranger about the incident,but i pressed on.I call her regularly and overtime,she was able to relax a bit on the phone with me.But getting her to talk about the incident was like bringing back the memories,and she cried alot.So i offered to travel down to see her,and get her to have a chat with me while we recorded it,she went haywire!!!After that she went incommunicado and i lost touch with her.

My doctor friends told me that rape victims suffer from Rape Trauma Syndrome(RTS).It is a form of psychological trauma experienced by a rape victim that consists of disruptions to normal physical,emotional,cognitive,behavioral,and interpersonal characteristics,during,immediately,following,and for months or years after a rape.RTS also paved the way for consideration of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,which can more accurately describe the consequences of serious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder alone.Individually,each syndrome can have long devastating effects on rape victims.

Now I understood how she was feeling.So I backed off for sometime and then resumed with calling her again,this time around,I was more careful.She became more and more relaxed with our conversations and even laughed at some point.Then she told me things that Nigerians didnt even know.She was an orphan,she lost her parents when she was 12 years of age,apart from that,she also has a child!!!Take note,she had the child before the incident.I asked her why she didnt want me to come to the East for the recorded camera chat,she replied that she is ashamed to show her face to the public...of which I understood.But I also let her know that she must really let people know what she is presently facing,instead of dying in silence which was worse.So I decided to throw in a joker,I simply asked her,"what if at some point in life,your child grows up and gets to watch the video of his mother being raped,and he asks her what she did about the incident,what would she say?"Then she couldnt say anything again...it was a long shot but it got her to do the recorded phone conversation with me.

So,some few days ago,we had the recorded telephone chat of which I tried to be as brief as possible because she broke down in tears some few times.I hope the chat you are about to listen to would go a long way in clearing a lot of issues concerning the case and I also hope it would get her help...if there is any out there.She actually met one of the guys on a social network site 2Go or something like that.Cynthia Okorogu was not so lucky,she is dead now.

As for the men that raped her,the Bible(NIV) says in Exodus 22:

22:Do not take advantage of a widow or an orphan 23:If you do and they cry out to Me,I will certainly hear their cry.24:My anger will be aroused,and i will kill you with the sword;Your wives will become widows and your children fatherless.

Please re-share and broadcast if you say NO to violent abuse of women,especially RAPE!!!

My dear readers,what do you think about all this?


  1. sweets honey sugar6 November 2012 at 04:10

    Hmmm.....so so pathetic! The fear of God is no more in existence in d hearts of d so called humans!

    Humans av lost dia humanitarian touch now living as animals, infact animals ar nw evn in beta positions dan us, jst sick n tired of all d shits goin on all ova d places!

    Lord jesus pls let thy kingdom come, Amen! ***SMH***

  2. †ђξ world would only get worse.and I am a fan of ur blog.ride on broda.O.K.E

  3. Sorry guys,heard some of you can't play the phone chat I sent,am working on it,my apologies!!!...and tnx Mr O.K.E...and u too,honey sugay!!!

  4. So so sad, those animals wil neva go unpurnished.

  5. Those animals must pay for what they did one way or the other that's for sure.Only wish I could take her pain away and give to those rapist. No one deserves that seriously.

  6. see the link below:

  7. Good job men, I pray we have people like you more often that hold ethics of journalism in high esteem. The girl still needs to be counsel out of the traumatic condition she's experiencing. It is said we have a government that is ineffectual that could careless about the welfare of her citizens.

  8. My dears, one happened recently in benin, 3 boys kidnapped a girl in wch she was invited by one of d guys tinkin they were frds, dey raped her constantly, dey asked the mother who is a widow for ransom wch she couldn't afford n. At d end dey murdered the girl. When I watched d mother cry on Tv, i was filled wt tears, Thank God of d murders re caught.