Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fast Rising Nollywood Actress,Queen Ebigieson Talks About Her Latest Movie,LORI ERE

Queen Ebigieson,a fast rising Nollywood actress recently premiered her movie,"LORI ERE"(On The Run)in Lagos.N4D caught up with her to shed more light on the movie and what we should expect...

                                         Queen with Sindodo and a friend

Congratulations on the premiere of  your latest movie LORI ERE

Queen:Thank you very much

Is LORI ERE your first movie?

Queen:No,as a producer,LORI ERE is my third film,BOROKINNI is the first and its still selling.LORI ERE is the second and TEMI NIKAN is the third,which will soon be released too

Who are the other stars you featured in the movie?

Queen:Ayo Adesanya,Kelvin Ikeduba,Mide Martins,Liz Da Silva,Biodun Okeowo,amongst others

                                          Jennifer Eliogu and Queen

                                          Queen with the CEO of City People Magazine

What message is LORI ERE trying to pass to the public?

Queen:LORI ERE is a movie that talks about:
   1.Love:Try not to love with your head and heart,because when you do and get disappointed,you start thinking of doing so many evil things
   2.Trust:You should never trust too much,because the only constant thing in life is change.Trust only in God and dont even trust yourself too much.It may lead to your downfall

                                                   Queeen presenting a copy of LORI ERE to N4D

You also launched your foundation called Queen Ebigieson Foundation,can you shed more light on the goals of the foundation?

Queen:Queen Ebigieson Foundation is for the less privileged generally.We want to use it to reach out to different motherless homes,widows,orphans and the likes.We want to empower these people to be independent so that they can eventually fend for themselves

                                          Mr Kamal,owner of GAB lotto

                                          Queen,dancing while "She Baby" performed                                       

                                          A pose with Galaxy TV crew

                                                   Pasuma performed at the Premiere

We heard you are releasing another yoruba movie TEMI NIKAN very soon,when should we expect it to be finally out?

Queen:That is true,I am almost done with it but I would like to shoot some scenes Abroad,which could be a little stressfull,after which I would take a break,"mi o le wa ku"(I cannot kill myself)...laughs

Thank you very much,I wish you all the best.

Queen:You are very much welcome,God bless

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