Wednesday, 7 November 2012

HEARTLESS: Woman boils two-year-old stepdaughter’s hands

Residents of Langbasa, a community in Ajah area of Lagos, are accusing a woman in the neighbourhood of causing a grievous harm on her two-year-old stepdaughter. Kehinde, as she’s known, is in trouble for allegedly dipping the two hands of her little stepdaughter, Esther, into oven-hot water.
The girl’s hands were boiled terribly, and many are raising concern that one of them might have become utterly useless. Esther, it was gathered, has lost her own mum about a year ago a few days after her first birthday. The poor little girl has since been living with her father, known among residents of the area as Baba Eleja. Baba Eleja, Esther’s dad, later brought in Kehinde, a mother of three, as his wife. He put Esther in the care of his new wife, Kehinde.

Trouble started for the woman on Wednesday, October 31. She wasn’t feeling good and invited a nurse to prescribe drugs for her. It was the nurse that noticed Esther’s boiled hands. The nurse also realised that the little girl was very unhealthy. She sought to know what was responsible for the little girl’s condition and Kehinde allegedly explained that the girl mistakenly put her hands inside a bucket of hot water in the room. Obviously not satisfied with that explanation, the nurse went to inform Kehinde’s neighbours about the strange development.

Many of the neighbours, who had all along suspected that all was not well with little Esther as Kehinde was always beating her, rushed to the room to see the girl. One of the neighbours, who described himself as her father’s kinsman, spoke to the reporter. His words: “When we saw Esther, lying on the floor with her boiled hands, we were moved to tears. We feared that the poor girl might die any moment from then

They soon pounced on me and started beating me. It took the intervention of policemen, who were invited by some of them, to rescue me from the mob. I would have been lynched. They thought that I deliberately dipped her hands into boiling water. I didn’t do that at all. I have always been taking care of Esther as if I were her mother. Even people call me Mama Esther because of the way I treat her. I couldn’t have done such a terrible thing to her.”...Kehinde said


  1. Demola, this lady should be send to the mental health facility for a thorough examination. She may not be a true human being, she is a predator that is covered up with a human skin. I don't think she should be given a second chance to see daylight ever again in her life time. Life imprisonment is what she deserves for the brutal act on the poor girl.

  2. Oga lekbell,take am easy ooooo,lol

  3. Do you agree she was covering up something? Her account of what happened to the poor girl is far from the truth cause you have her neigbhor testifying that she was indeed abusive to the poor girl. There is no other way to describe the incident than calling it child abuse. If I am the presiding judge, I will definitely I will give her the maximum sentencing allowed for such crime. Hopefully, her sentencing may serve as a deterrent for other abusive parents out there.