Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Police arrest brother of shot okada rider

Taiwo Atilola, mother of the 27-year-old commercial motorcycle rider, Adigun, who was allegedly shot by a policeman in Lagos on Tuesday said Adigun’s brother, Sikiru, was also arrested after the incident.
She therefore appealed to the Lagos State Police Command to release her son so as to lessen her trauma.
Taiwo said, “We have been to the police station, but they have refused to grant his release. I was left in the dark as regards his arrest until last night (Tuesday) because they didn’t want me to fall into a coma. He would have been the one doing the running around now that his brother is down.
“He must have been mistaken for one of the protesters who went on the rampage. The police succeeded in injuring my son who is the one solely taking care of me. They should not add to my sorrow, they should please release him so that I won’t develop sudden hypertension.”
It was learnt that Sikiru, who is also an okada rider, was arrested at the scene of the incident on Tuesday when he rushed to see his shot brother

All we here nowadays are tales of Policemen either killing or shooting civilians...God help Naija!!!

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  1. Unwarranted affliction of excessive force by any personnel in various capacity of the law enforcement are becoming more rampant in Nigeria. You recently similar case where a police shot a conductor for stepping on him. Police brutality must stop......hardened criminals (Boko Haram)are out there causing unrest and police has done practically nothing to protect the citizens. What they do instead is discharging ther weapons on innocent citizens. God help our nation!