Sunday, 30 December 2012

REVEALED-Davido's "Lover" Is A "Runs" Girl

I am very sure you guys have seen the pic of Davido with this strange lover...but what amazes me is that a reader sent another pic to me showing the same girl in bed with a white man!!!!...hmmm,wetin i go talk again?...the girl sabi her way naaaa....and as far as i am concerned,any naija girl below 25 that i see with a white man here in naija,is a runs girl...shikena!!!!...and it doesnt mean the ones above 25 are innocent ooooo...hehehehehehe

                                         Will you close your mouth boy!!!


  1. What's does she do that makes them sleep so heavely?

  2. Hehehehehehehe,woman power I guess!!!

  3. Look closely guys! Its not thesame girl cos the one with Davido has a mole above her lip and d other does not