Thursday, 28 February 2013

PROVOCATIVE:Dennis Rodman Visits Korean Dictator,Calls Him Friend For Life

New photos of Dennis Rodman laughing it up courtside beside Kim Jong Un in North Korea have emerged today capturing the former NBA star's third day aboard where he told the dictator 'you have a friend for life.'
Standing before a gymnasium packed with tens of thousands of North Koreans in Pyongyang the former Chicago Bulls star made Kim his promise of friendship for life in a speech following the game.
Kim, a diehard basketball fan, in turn told Rodman he hoped the visit would break the ice between the United States and North Korea but just two weeks after conducting a nuclear test as a warning to the U.S.

North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test just two weeks ago, making clear the provocative act was a warning to the United States to drop what it considers a 'hostile' policy toward the North.
The surprise visit by the flamboyant Hall of Famer known as 'The Worm' makes him an unlikely ambassador at a time when North Koreans are girding for battle with the U.S.
Just last week, Kim guided frontline troops in military exercises.
North Korea and the U.S. fought on opposite sides of the three-year Korean War, which ended in a truce in 1953. The foes never signed a peace treaty, and do not have diplomatic relations.
On Thursday an image Kim Jong Un’s brother Kim Jong Chul emerged showing him wearing the jersey of former NBA star which may help explain the basketball star's odd jaunt to North Korea

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