Thursday, 14 March 2013

How Dare Devil Armed Robbers Invaded Lagos International Airport

Although I heard about the robbery incident yesterday,I did not have any image to back it up and I also needed to get the full details.Thanks to the N4D reader(you know yourself oooo,lol)who sent me an image from the robbery scene which shows how people were told to lie on their faces while others scampered to safety.
Acoording to my source,it was a well co-ordinated robbery attack.Three sets of robbers positioned
themselves at three strategic locations of the airport-Arrival,Departure and the Car park.They shot in the air simultaneously to create confusion and took the security men by surprise.Before security men could get their acts together,they had robbed the Bureau De Change offices and carted away undisclosed amount of money.
However,one of the robbers(who had charms all over him)was killed while tow policemen also lost their lives.
This incident happened at our International Airport where is the safety in this country?..Kwara state commissioner for Police was killed some weeks ago,up till now,there has been no lead on the case.Boko Haram is attacking Naija in the North,assasins in the East,and Armed Robbers in the West...
God help Nigeria

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  1. Makes me scare of visiting naija, may God help us