Wednesday, 12 June 2013

PHOTOS-Sammy Okposo's 19-Year-Old Daughter In Nude Pictures Scandal

 If you`ve heard of this clichĂ©, “The rich also cry”, then what you`re about to read will tell you more that, not all that glitters are gold. It is a shocking story of one of the grand daughters of the fabulously rich billionaire businessman, Olorogun Michael Ibru whose reckless lifestyles is second to none.
The fatty 19 year-old girl, Alula is the gift of the love-gone-sour relationship between Gloria Ibru, a.k.a Mama G-the first daughter of Olorogun Michael Ibru and actor cum popular gospel singer, Sammy Okposo.

According to sources, Alula Okposo by her status in the society is one of the luckiest girls on earth, the grand-daughter of Olorogun attends one of the most expensive schools in the United Kingdom where she pays Ten Thousand Pounds (British Pounds Sterling) about N2.5m per term. And people close to the Ibrus confided in National Enquirer that, the spoilt brat was expelled for spending her school fees for a whole term (N2.5m) partying, drinking, smoking and enjoying life to the fullest.
Alula, 19 who`s a chain smoker we gathered is presently in the center of a marriage break-up between one of her school mates, a British girl, Clea Carl and one Tim Bode Idowu Jnr., a London based high profile music promoter, CEO of Pattern Entertainment and co-founder of SN1 Group who coincidentally happens to be her (Alula) father`s friend.

We gathered further that Tim 37, who schooled and lives in the UK with his parents and other siblings has been dating Clea Carl, Alula`s school mate for a while and the duo had already chosen August 2013 date to seal their liaison before Alula came in. The well connected Tim has worked with the likes of Giggs, (Nathaniel Thompson) who won the BET Awards for Best UK Rapper in 2009 and Nigerian born Tiny Temper who was the only rapper that performed at the 2012 London Olympics.

His mother, Grace Idowu who we gathered is one of the most influential Black Women in Peckham area of London runs David Idowu foundation in honour of her son stabbed about 5 years ago, the woman of substance also won Tesco Mother of The Year, 2012.

Our high dependable family source told this magazine that, in what looked like a planned script, Tim got invited to the Ibrus` Apapa residence sometime last year in one of his journeys to Nigeria for a get-together and the rest has been history since then, the next thing was that, the duo of Alula and Tim fell head over heel in love, going to places together including clubs and they were conspicuously seen during Alula`s birthday celebration at Liquid Lounge on Victoria Island, Lagos, Encomium Black & White Ball and so on where her father who didn’t know anything posed with Tim in a photograph.
 Alula, we were told kept bombarding Tim`s blackberry phone with different nude pictures until Clea who was Alula`s Friend in school got wind of it when she saw Alula`s several nude pictures in her fiancĂ©`s phone. We learnt that Clea fainted on the spot, with the phone in her hands when she saw it. And when she was revived, she immediately cancelled their wedding plans, which was why she was in Nigeria in the first place, and jetted back to the UK, leaving a devastated Tim.

The unsuspecting British girl got practically broken down emotionally that she had to call-off the wedding plan, shocking enough was that, Clea saw different text messages and voice mails of their love affair, heart breaking nude pictures and the monies Alula had demanded from her man. In one of the messages, Alula was said to have asked Tim for N500, 000 to rescue her from being expelled from school but no one knows if she got that before bubble finally burst recently.


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