Thursday, 25 July 2013

BLACKMAIL:Linda Ikeji Replies Pastor Chris,Posts Disclaimer

You know,I am a very ardent reader of Our Daily Manna(a Christian devotional by Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe).The devotional is very inspirational and its also spiritually very good and helpful.Over the years,Pastor Chris usually writes about the personal challenges he faces as an everyday Christian.This I guess is bourne out of the fact that Christians still face persecution everyday,just like in the days of the disciples after the death of Christ.(Did i hear you say fourth disciple???lol)
I was very suprised when on the 22nd day of July edition,he wrote a footnote thus:

 "THE CASE HAS BEEN ON and I received lots of text messages;from one Linda,a blogger/facebook specialist asking me to drop a certain amount of money otherwise they would work with different journalists around the world against this vision.SCATTER ANY PLAN TO PUBLISH ANY LIE AGAINST THIS MINISTRY!3 people have dropped dead because of this in their camp"

Well,the first thing that would come to your mind is...who is the popular blogger called Linda?It could only be Linda Ikeji,although the pastor never mentioned the surname.But now events have started unfolding as per the allegation.It was reported that Linda posted a disclaimer on her blog that she is a "self made millionaire" and not a blackmailer..."who ask you" you would say abi?But you cant really blame her,sometimes in Law,silence could mean consent,so she just had to speak out because of the nature of the allegation.
So what happens next?...Lets just wait and see abi?...thats all I would say...

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