Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dr. Conrad Murray 'threatens to reveal nuclear bombshell about Michael Jackson' if he is forced to testify in court

Dr. Conrad Murray has threatened to reveal an explosive secret about Michael Jackson.

The physician is serving four years for the involuntary manslaughter of the King of Pop - who died of acute Propofol intoxication in 2009 - and has issued a warning that he will drop a 'nuclear' bombshell about the singer and his family if he is forced to testify in the Jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live.

A source told gossip website TMZ that Dr. Murray made the threat in a recent voicemail message to a friend, begging AEG and the Jacksons not to make him testify.

In the recording he said: 'Please stop. If you don't, let this serve as my final warning to both sides. Don't incite me to testify. Consider this as an imminent nuclear warning. Enough is enough.'

The disgraced medical practitioner reportedly wants nothing to do with the lawsuit because he is afraid he could possibly incriminate himself further and has appealed to overturn his manslaughter conviction.

Katherine Jackson who is suing concert promoters because they allegedly did not properly investigate Dr. Murray, recently said that hearing lies about her late son is the most difficult thing she's ever had to deal with.
 She said: 'The most difficult thing is to sit here in this court and listen to all the bad things they've said about my son. None of the things are the truth.

'[It's difficult because Michael] is not here to speak for himself. I want to know what really happened to my son.'

Earlier this week, Katherine grew annoyed while on the witness stand on Monday when questioned about her son Michael's drug dependency.
The 83-year-old mother of the King Of Pop - who died from an overdose of painkillers in 2009- snapped at a lawyer as she testified in her son's wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live.
Katherine said she does not believe her son bore any responsibility for his own death, and claimed he denied abusing painkillers during their only private conversation about the the issue in Las Vegas.

She closed up when attorney Marvin Putnam, who represents the concert promoter, repeatedly asked her about the details regarding the Vegas meeting with her son, according to the NY Daily News
 'I'm not answering that question,' she said in response to one query she believed 'didn't make sense.'

'You're just getting me confused so you'll have something to come back on,' Katherine told Putnam.

Katherine also told the jury she believes the promoters of her son's ill-fated comeback concerts watched her son waste away before his death.

Katherine Jackson tearfully testified that she didn't know about emails discussing her son's health until after a trial against AEG Live LLC began nearly three months ago.

The trial started in April and is expected to continue until September.

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